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Parenting Plans

When parents get divorced or separated, taking care of the children is the most important responsibility they face. With this responsibility comes a great deal of emotion, often leading to serious contention in child custody and visitation disputes.

Work with an attorney from Weaver & Dorfman, P.A., to help you through the challenges of child custody disputes. With more than 40 years of combined legal experience, our attorneys focus on personalized service and sound strategies for helping clients get the best parenting plan results possible. Representing clients in the Melbourne, Florida, area, we take a professional, detail-oriented approach to make sure your children are taken care of and that you get equitable resolution to your child custody dispute.

In former years, the courts in Florida would create child custody arrangements in which one parent had primary physical custody and the other would have visitation rights. But in recent years, the courts have been focusing more on “parenting plans.” This arrangement focuses less on who wins and focuses instead on sharing parental responsibility as equally and equitably as possible.

In many cases, separating parents work together outside of the courtroom to establish their own parenting plans. In these cases, the parents present the established time-sharing agreements to the court for approval and the court determines whether the agreements are equitable based on the best interests of the child.

Attorney Charles Dorfman is a Florida Supreme Court certified family mediator. We use this experience to help clients negotiate their own time-sharing agreements that establish physical custody and legal custody.

To schedule an initial consultation to discuss parenting plans, time sharing, parenting plan modification and enforcement or other similar issues with an experienced lawyer, call Weaver & Dorfman, P.A., at 321-426-1882 or contact us online.