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Divorce and separation agreements and orders are meant to be permanent, but the courts understand that circumstances change for the children and the separating parties. Because of job changes, the changing needs of the children, financial changes and other changes in circumstances, separated parents can petition the court for modification of divorce and separation agreements and orders. There are complications and potential challenges in the process. It is important to work with an experienced lawyer to protect your interests and help you through the process.

At Weaver & Dorfman, P.A., our attorneys have more than 40 years of combined legal experience. We represent clients in the Melbourne, Florida, area in modifications involving:

  • Parenting plans : Modifications in child custody and visitation agreements require substantial change in circumstances for one of the parents or the needs of the child.
  • Relocation : A parent relocating can cause significant changes in the parenting and support agreements. There are strict statutory requirements to follow for a parent to relocate out of the area.
  • Child support and spousal support : Changes in incomes, loss of jobs, changes in child support needs, changes in custody and changes in marital status are some of the reasons to seek modification of child support and spousal support.

With substantial knowledge and experience of the court process involved with modifications, we can help you if you are in need of a divorce modification. We will examine your case, provide you with an honest, accurate assessment and put you in the best position to obtain the modification you need. Our lawyers will be with you as you negotiate with your former spouse or partner, prepare all the necessary documents and appear in court for any hearings that are necessary. We will do everything we can to help you obtain the outcome you need.

To schedule an initial consultation regarding your modification needs, call 321-426-1882 or contact us online.